Japanese Sisters Share Bond With Beloved Island Redhead

Japanese sisters share bond with beloved Island redhead

The Guardian

CAVENDISH — Eri and Mie Muraoka grew up with Anne of Green Gables in their lives, but their relationship with the fictional redhead was far from ordinary.
Their grandmother, Hanako Muraoka, was the first person to translate the novel in Japanese, an accomplishment that helped establish a long-lasting relationship with Prince Edward Island.
Eri said her grandmother translated many novels from North America, but wanted to translate a Canadian novel after attending a Canadian missionary school as a child.
When the Second World War broke out in 1939, a teacher who remained close to Hanako gave her a copy of the novel before leaving the country.
“They were good friends,’’ Eri said, with the help of translator Yuka Takahashi, who spoke on behalf of both women.
Eri said in the years that followed, English books were banned in the country and translating the novel came with great risks.
“The situation was very serious.’’
In fact, when warning sirens would sound, Hanako had to find a way to conceal the manuscript while retreating to safety, she said.
“She had to stop translating and would put it in a bag and go to the shelter to hide it.’’
It took six years to translate the novel, which was published seven years later — in 1952.
Hanako decided to publish the translation because morale was very low in the country and she wanted to spread the joy of Anne.
“It gave a lot of hope to the younger Japanese readers,’’ Eri said.
A new edition of the novel has been published this year in Japan to mark 100 years since its original publication in Canada. The new version also has an updated translation by Mie.
“Some words were very old,’’ Mie said.
She first came to the Island 19 years ago and her impressions haven’t changed since then.
“(I have) been deeply impressed by the friendship . . . they started having a friendship almost 100 years ago,’’ Mie said.
That was nearly 20 years before official diplomatic relations were developed between the two countries, she said.
For Eri, the novel was almost a spiritual experience. When she came to the province for the first time last year, it was everything she expected.
“(I have) been feeling the Island magic since (I) came to P.E.I. Anne of Green Gables is a book of Anne, but the story tells of Prince Edward Island,’’ she said.
Eri decided the anniversary was also the right time to publish a biography about her grandmother.
“This is a good year to remind people,’’ she said.
The pair also operates an Anne of Green Gables attraction in Japan, which gives visitors a chance to visit Hanako’s study room where she did much of her translations.

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We had tea with the Muaroka  family while they visited Prince Edward Island this Summer.  It was splendid.  I couldn’t tell you what most of the conversations where about but a had a nice chat in English with Mia’s husband and son.

The Muaroka sisters are very kind and ladies with a capital “L”.  For more information about their beloved grandmother please visit there website.


日本最大級のキルト展『東京国際キルトフェスティバル』が開催 | エンタテインメント | マイコミジャーナル



2009イメージキルト 制作:片桐好子

今年で8回目を迎える『東京国際キルトフェスティバル-布と針と糸の祭典2009-』。キルトを愛する人々が集うイベントとして毎年会期中に25万 人以上(過去の累計入場者数170万人)が訪れ、キルターから絶大な人気を博している日本最大級のイベントだ。中でも注目されるのが、毎年行われている恒 例の『日本キルト大賞』。プロ・アマ問わず国内外からの幅広いキルターの応募総数1679点の応募作品から、日本キルト大賞など様々な受賞作をフェスティ バル初日に発表する。

今年の特集企画『私の「赤毛のアン物語」』にも注目。2008年6月に出版100年を迎えたルーシー M.モンゴメリ作“赤毛のアン”では、カナダの“プリンス・エドワード島”でのキルトのある暮らしが生き生きと描かれているが、同フェスティバルでは作品 の舞台となったアンの家“グリーン・ゲイブルズ”と農場などを再現。ルーシー M.モンゴメリ自身もキルターとして様々な作品を残しており、14歳の時に制作したキルトや日本で初めて公開される『ベッドスプレッド』の紹介をはじめ、 物語に魅了された鷲沢玲子氏と仲間たちが“アン”への想いや物語のシーンをキルト作品を通して展示する。

特集企画 私の「赤毛のアン」物語コーナーでは、“赤毛のアン”作者 L.M.モンゴメリの作ったキルトを展示

昔ながらの暮らしの中で培われた質素ながらも独特のデザインと色使い、繊細なキルティングが魅力のたアーミッシュの人々がつくるキルトを展示する 『至宝アーミッシュとアメリカンアンティークキルト~19世紀アメリカの新世界キルト~』も目玉企画。今回はアーミッシュの出身国スイスのジュネーブ美 術・博物館と蒐集家M.ウィリー氏が所蔵するアーミッシュキルト、そしてペンシルバニア州を中心としたハイクオリティのアメリカンアンティークキルト35 枚が展示される。東京ドームの広報担当者は「今年で8回目となる本フェスティバルは、キルトの魅力を伝える祭典として、国内外の作品約1800点が展示さ れます。第一線で活躍するキルト作家の新作や特集企画の『私の「赤毛のアン物語」』など見どころがたっぷりです」とコメントしている。

現代アメリカの巨匠3人展のコーナーで展示される『ALPHABET SOUP』(写真)作:M.ジョーン・リントールト 至宝アーミッシュとアメリカンアンティークキルトのコーナーで展示されるアーミッシュキルト 1880年頃 M.ウィリー蔵

via 日本最大級のキルト展『東京国際キルトフェスティバル』が開催 | エンタテインメント | マイコミジャーナル.

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Phoenix is writing an ongoing series blog with English/Japanese translation of Anne of Green Gables 赤毛のアン “Red Haired Anne”


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